Sedimentary Petrology

Organic-rich Cretaceous Shale, Alberta, Canada

This 69.3 Gigapixel, 40 nm/pixel dataset of an organic-rich cretaceous shale sample from Alberta, Canada was acquired on a ZEISS Sigma HD Variable Pressure FE-SEM with backscattered electrons.

Details69.3 Gigapixels, 328.7k x 210.9k, 13.15 mm x 8.44 mm, 40 nm/pixel

Carbonate Concretion

This 74.3 Gigapixel, 183 nm/pixel dataset of a carbonate-concretion sample was acquired on a ZEISS AxioZoom V16 Light Microscope and subsequently on a ZEISS EVO MA15 C-SEM with secondary and backscattered electrons.

Details74.3 Gigapixels, 218.1k x 149.5k, 42.61 mm x 71.01 mm, 183 nm/pixel