About PetaPixelProject

PetaPixelProject is an undertaking by Fibics Incorporated to illustrate the benefits of Correlative Microscopy & "Big Image Data" in terms of enhancing the understanding and investigation of the world around us.

Using Carl Zeiss Microscopy products, Fibics is well on its way to having acquired a petapixel (approximately a million billion pixels) of image data using our light, electron, and ion microscopes. A curated sample of this data is presented here at for your enjoyment.

The ZEISS Correlative Workspace found in the Atlas 5 and Zen Connect software provides a sample-centric location where you can bring together and investigate 2D images and 3D volume data from multiple instruments. Built as a state-of-the-art tool for managing large amounts of 2D and 3D images in one spot, Atlas 5 lets you import and align data from light, X-ray, electron, and FIB-SEM microscopes to produce a single, consistent picture of your sample. From this you can deduce correlations between features visible in the different sources, visualize across multiple scales, and guide further investigation and acquisition.

Once your data is pulled together in the Correlative Workspace, the Enhanced Browser Based Viewer can be used to export your big-data information into a web-friendly form, where you can curate information into an interactive slide show format. This creates a "guided tour" through your correlated data, where you can highlight key features of interest, while at any point allowing the observer to jump right in and zoom around the data to draw their own conclusions. In this way it is much more powerful than a simple "slide show presentation".

PetaPixelProject web data is largely produced using the Atlas 5 Browser Based Viewer tool set.

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