Our Instruments

Fibics Incorporated has owned two dozen focused ion and electron columns on a range of microscopes over its nearly 25 year history (we've acquired about one column per year!). At present we have nine ZEISS light, electron, and ion/electron instruments in our facility in Ottawa, as listed below. The instruments that Fibics has previously owned, which influenced our understanding of focused ion beam microscopy and applications, are also listed.

The datasets on the PetaPixelProject site were largely acquired using these instruments; correlative datasets often were acquired using the same sample in multiple microscopes, and aligned into the sample-centric Correlative Workspace of the ZEISS Atlas 5 and Zen Connect products.

Current Instruments Include

  • ZEISS AxioZoom V16 Light Microscope
  • ZEISS Axio Imager.M2m KMAT Light Microscope
  • ZEISS XB350 CrossBeam FIB/SEM
  • ZEISS XB540 CrossBeam FIB/SEM
  • ZEISS XB550L CrossBeam FIB/SEM
  • ZEISS XB550 CrossBeam FIB/SEM
  • ZEISS NVision 40 CrossBeam FIB/SEM
  • ZEISS GeminiSEM 450 FE-SEM
  • ZEISS Sigma HD Variable Pressure FE-SEM

Previous Instruments Include

  • ZEISS Orion NanoFab He/Ne/Ga GFIS Triple Beam
  • Micrion 2500 Unipolar Single Beam FIB
  • Micrion 2500 Bipolar Single Beam FIB
  • FEI 986 Vectra Circuit Edit System
  • Atomika 4500 SIMS Triple-Beam (Cs, O, Ga)