British Soldiers Lichen

This 108.3 Gigapixel, 50 nm/pixel dataset of a British Soldiers lichen (Cladonia cristatella) on wood was acquired on a ZEISS Sigma HD Variable Pressure FE-SEM with backscattered electrons.

Details108.3 Gigapixels, 290.8k x 372.4k, 14.48 mm x 18.54 mm, 50 nm/pixel

Maritime Sunburst Lichen

This 19.1 Gigapixel, 60 nm/pixel dataset of a Maritime Sunburst lichen (Xanthoria parietina) on bark was acquired on a Zeiss FE-SEM with backscattered electrons.

Details19.1 Gigapixels, 319.4k x 74.5k, 19.06 mm x 4.44 mm, 60 nm/pixel